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New Middletown has a unique history that can trace back nearly 200 years to 1820.

It was founded by Samuel Moore about the same time as New Springfield being its counterpart.


Joshua Dixon opened the first store and a local Tavern opened its doors.

David Shearer was the first Post Master.

Dr. Elisha Murray was the first village Physician.


New Middletown was the location of the last operating distillery in Mahoning County.

The distillery, Wire, Welsh & Company Whiskey Distillery, produced Golden Rye Whiskey until it was forced to close due to prohibition in 1917.

It was then turned into two sawmills and some property used for several farms.

Today, the Golden Rye Grill, named for the whiskey, is on part of the original property of the old distillery.


Because of the distillery, the village was once a stagecoach stop on the way from Youngstown to Cleveland and Pittsburgh and that the original brick road of Main Street, which the stagecoaches drove on, is still present about six inches under the current roadway.

Now Route 170 (Youngstown Pittsburgh Road) is Main Street which runs right through the center of town.

Most of the business are located here and just about everything one would need including: the police department, fire department and New Middletown school, banks, the only gas stations, and restaurants.

630 East Calla Road intersects Route 170. 195 Struthers road ends on Route 170 and these are the largest and only major roadways through New Middletown.


The first school set ground and was used for many years.


The Village of New Middletown was incorporated.

The town has taken advantage of unique opportunities to preserve pieces of its history.

New Middletown employs the Mayor-Council form of municipal government.

New Middletown was originally a part of Springfield Township until it then seceded in the 1970s because of some issues they had regarding how the township was dealing with taxes.

Values, Attitudes, Norms:

New Middletown has seen a great deal of change in the nearly 200 years since its founding. From brick roads to interstate highways, the people of this small town have managed to hold on to the traditional values of America. The major shift has been an increase in local business and industry. As Mayor Harry Kale has stated, New Middletown is a great place to raise a family. A low crime rate and focus on the children continue to define this Small Town, USA.

New Middletown is very proud of its history. It is a small town where you run into your neighbors walking down Main street. Everyone knows each other and their families. If a new family moves in they are welcomed and soon learn what its like to live in a small town. Since it is such a small town there isn't much to do except socialize with the other locals in town or outside in your own backyard.

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